Minutes of Vestry Meeting July 11, 2023
Conference Room

Present: Ramona Scarpace, Parish Priest; Gene Tierney, Senior Warden; Caytie Anderson, Junior Warden; Donald Childress, Judy Johnson, Peter Montgomery, members-at-large; Tom Lockhart, Treasurer; Frank Johnson, Clerk; Jacob Manier, Facilities Coordinator; and Kathy Kullberg, guest.

Ramona opened the meeting with a prayer for guidance at 7:01 P.M. CDT. The Clerk then certified a quorum present.

Kathy Kullberg distributed an antique fair update page, including the names and expertise of seven confirmed dealers. Committee chairs and responsibilities were solidified for advertising, hospitality, volunteers, setup and teardown, food, house tours, signage, website and photographers.

Angie then shared her work-to-date on a 4-color, professional quality Realm registration form for the upcoming untitled event. A QR code will let non- parish members into Realm. We need to figure out an accounting procedure. We need to know how many house tours and how long they will be. We need a legal disclaimer.

Their work completed, Angie and Kathy left the meeting at 7:32 P.M.

Jacob then distributed updates on:
1) space for rent, 2) keyless entry, 3) air conditioning, 4) nave flooring and 5) oven repair.
1b) We have had three showings of the Lakeview room, but no takers so far. 2b) Our new keyless entry system has been installed. Jacob and Ramona have been trained in its use. Parishioner training will be scheduled and announced soon. 3b) Our air conditioning system is old and only one of two units is functioning properly. Total replacement cost: $35,950. Repair is not recommended. We can hopefully endure with one unit for the remainder of this summer. 4b) Dave’s Flooring is coming out tomorrow to bid on repairing the water-damaged floor. Insurance will cover. 5b) Hobart repaired a safety valve on one of our ovens yesterday. The health department will be here tomorrow to inspect the kitchen.

Next, the group approved the June vestry minutes as written.
And the Treasurer’s May and June statements and reports as presented. *

The Senior Warden then reported that he has rescheduled our first parish Faithful Innovation training for September 24. The change was well received.

Next, Ramona highlighted her monthly report. ** She is seeking volunteers to organize A Wing and a Prayer dinners July 12 and August 16. Our Harvest Pack event is scheduled for July 30. We will start actively seeking donations next Sunday. We have already raised over $2000 of the $3000 needed. We are now planning for fall and spring activities. Please provide input.

Caytie again exhorted members of the group to sign up for upcoming teller and vestry announcer positions.

The Building and Grounds Chair announced that Garlock-French will be completing routine roof maintenance later this week. He said he would follow up on waterproofing the Memorial Garden slabs before our next meeting and would caulk the doors above Jacob’s office soon.

Gene reported that the Beloved Community test run last Sunday went well and that a viable website should be up and running this fall.

Ramona reported that the Worship Committee met Wednesday, May 10, Tom Lockhart, Julie L’Enfant, and Meredith Johnson attending. The committee, which is discussing our Sunday liturgy in great detail, plans to meet quarterly.

She further reported that we are working on updating our website. She will explicate further in August. She thinks St. Matthew’s website provides a strong exemplar.

And finally, she said, a dozen prayer pamphlets have been ordered and will start arriving in August.

The meeting adjourned with The Lord’s Prayer at 8:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted, Frank Johnson, Clerk August 10, 2023

* The unabridged text of the treasurer’s report is posted in the vestry’s shared Google docs folder.

** The unabridged text of Ramona’s report is printed at the end of this document.

Rector’s Report to the Vestry – August 2023

Prepared on August 14, 2023, by Reverend Ramona Scarpace for the July 15, 2023, Vestry Meeting

For questions, please contact Rev. Ramona Scarpace at 612.201.6634.


2022 Vestry Goals

  • Growth
  • Stewardship (Undercroft renovations, budget balanced by 2025)
  • Outreach/ Faith in Action

1). Worship

Worship services that are planned:

  • Saint Paul’s is now using the 3rd liturgy for the summer months – Sunday, August 13 through Sunday, September 10, 2023.

Worship services to be planned:

  • Welcome Back/Homecoming Sunday – September 17, 2023
  • September 24 through remainder of Ordinary time (November 26, 2023)Preaching Rota
  • August 20 – Rev. Ramona Scarpace
  • August 27 – Rev. Ramona Scarpace
  • August 3 – Rev. Ramona Scarpace
  • September 10 – Rev. Bob Furness (presiding and preaching) September 17 – (Welcome Back Sunday) – Rev. Ramona Scarpace

    Altar Guild and Flower Update:

  • Thank you to the Altar Guild for their on-going work to prepare for worship.
  • Thank you to Kathy Kullberg for her on-going work with the altar flowers.

2). Worship Attendance:
January 1 through August 14, 2023

Sunday Services:

Sunday, January 1 = 26 (Zoom count unknown)
Sunday, January 8 = 37 people (2 YouTube, Zoom issue) Sunday, January 15 = 43 (4 via Zoom)
Sunday, January 22 = 49 (6 via Zoom)
Sunday, January 29 = 53 (7 via Zoom)
Sunday, February 5 = 48 people (8 via Zoom)
Sunday, February 12 = 51 people (6 via Zoom)
Sunday, February 19 = 52 people (10 via Zoom) Sunday, February 26 = 51 people (10 via Zoom) Sunday, March 5 = 65 people (11 via Zoom)

Sunday, March 12 = 46 people, (7 via zoom)
Sunday, March 19 =59 people
Sunday, March 26 = 58 people
Sunday, April 2 – Palm Sunday = 59 people
Sunday, April 9 – Easter Sunday = 100 people (10 via Zoom) Sunday, April 16 = 45 people (5 via Zoom)

Sunday, April 23 = 51 people (8 via Zoom) Sunday, April 30 = 52 people (9 via Zoom) Sunday, May 7 = 54 people (9 via Zoom) Sunday, May 14=51 people (5 via Zoom) Sunday May 21= 54 people (8 via Zoom) Sunday, May 28 = 38 people (3 via Zoom) Sunday, June 4 = 36 people (9 via Zoom) Sunday, June 11 = 43 people (9 via Zoom) Sunday, June 18 = 39 people (10 via Zoom) Sunday, June 25 = 39 people (10 via Zoom) Sunday, July 2 = 36 people (7 via Zoom) Sunday, July 9 = 43 (6 via Zoom)

Sunday, July 16 = 43 people (4 via Zoom)
Sunday, July 23 =34 people (3 via Zoom)
Sunday, July 30 = 52 people (5 via Zoom) – Harvest Pack Event Sunday, August 6 = 38 people (8 via Zoom)
Sunday, August 13 = 30 people (6 via Zoom)

Attendance All Sunday Services = 1575
Average Sunday Attendance = 49.21 people

Other Services:

Wednesday, February 1 – Celebration of New Ministry = 112 people (12 via Zoom) Saturday, February 11 – Altar Guild Eucharist = 9 people
Saturday, March 1 – Greg Schaffner’s Memorial Service = 115 people
Wednesday, March 29 = Dinner and Prayer = 30 people

Thursday, April 6 – Maundy Thursday = 30 people (4 via Zoom) Friday, April 7 – Good Friday noon = 12 (no Zoom)
Friday, April 7 – Good Friday 7:00 pm = 16 (6 via Zoom)
Wed. June 14 – Wing and a Prayer – 6:00 pm = 12 people

Wed. July 12 – Wing and a Prayer – 6:00 pm = 11 people

Attendance for all non-Sunday services = 347

Attendance All Services: Totals = 1922

3). Pastoral Care:

  • Rev. Ramona provided thirteen contacts/visits/meetings from July 4, through August 14, 2023.

4). Funerals/Memorial Services

  • The Celebration of Life for Deb Jones will be held on Saturday, October 6, 2023. Time to be announced.
  • The Celebration of Life for Joanne Tierney will be held on (date and time to be determined).

5). Weddings

  • Rev. Ramona will preside over the wedding of Madelyn Voigt and Aaron Troska on Sunday September 24, 2023, at 2:00 pm. The couple is being married at an outdoor venue.

6). Baptisms

  • None

7). Programming, Congregational Life, Outreach/Faith in Action/Formation

  • The Harvest Pack Event took place on Sunday, July 30. Approximately 4- people participated. Saint Paul’s funded and packed 12,800 meals in two hours!
  • Food collection/food shelf initiatives continue (Saint Nicholas, Uptown, etc.)
  • School supplies collection is underway (thank you to Angie Paulson for her leadership on this initiative!)
  • Summer programming – On August 16 – 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm – Wings and a Prayer. Potluck. Saint Paul’s provides the main course. (As part of this programming, we will ask members to share what programming they would like to see in September 2023 through May 2024.)
  • The antique event is scheduled for Saturday, October 14, 2023, from 10:00 to 4:00 pm.
  • Planning for Fall 2023 programming – A draft scheduled is completed and will be shared with the Vestry at the August 15 meeting.

8). Stewardship, Finance, Budget

  • Finance and Budget – See the report from Tom Lockhart

9). Office/Staffing

  • Jacob Manier may be on vacation in early September and early
  • October 2023. Dates to be determined.
  • Rev. Ramona is on vacation on the following days:
    • Wednesday, September 6 through Monday, Sept. 11. Rev. Bob Furness will preside and preach on Sunday, September 10
    • Tentative – October 21 through October 28. Rev. Ramona will get a supply priest to preside and preach for Sunday, October 22.
  • Rev. Ramona will be on retreat from November 5 through Nov. 9, 2023. Rev. Ramona will get a supply priest to preside and preach for Sunday, November 5, 2023.
  • Rev. Ramona will be at the ECMN annual convention on November 10 and 11, 2023.

10). Facilities; Building and Grounds –

  • See reports from Frank Johnson and Jacob Manier for additional information.
  • Thank you to members Mark Anderson, Frank Johnson and Tom Lockhart for their work on the building, gardens and grounds.

11). ECMN

  • ECMN Convention is scheduled for November 10 and 11 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.