a message from Lydia

The response was overwhelming; it took nine minutes to read them all. They covered every topic we are asked to pray for (see BCP p. 383), and so the prayers that came directly from the people took the place of pre- written prayers.

The Worship Commission has been talking for a while about how to make our intercessory more participatory and more truly our own prayers. Since what we did on 13 November was so powerful, the Worship Commission decided at our meeting the next day to continue something like this now through at least the Advent season. But instead of one or two people reading the prayers, we ask that the voices of the congregation be heard. During an interval of silence after the sermon, please jot down or call to mind people and issues you wish to pray for within the community prayers. The intercessor will invite prayers on various topics, and generous pauses will be observed, so that the prayers of the people will truly come from the people.