Though no action had been taken for over two years, in 1899 the vestries of Saint Mark’s (still on 6th Street, and not yet a Cathedral Church) and Saint Paul’s had meetings about consolidation. Saint Paul’s refused, having decided to relocate. Saint Mark’s offered consolidation a second time, but Saint Paul’s vestry had committed to the move. A committee was appointed to dispose of the church and acquire lots in the Lowry Hill area. A site at the corner of Bryant and Franklin Avenues was selected, and a drive to collect funds was organized. In March 1900, about $10,000 was pledged. The vestry was empowered to sell Saint Paul’s, and the real estate on Hennepin Avenue, for $10,000, or more if possible.

Raising money was difficult. The Rector was authorized to approach Mr. Goodfellow to buy two or three lots in Sunnyside, and give them to the church. Reuben Goodfellow was a significant benefactor over the years. When only $5,100 could be raised for the new church, Mr. Goodfellow purchased two of the three lots and gave them to the church. He also purchased the $7,000 mortgage on the church property; and removal of the building and contents to the new location on Bryant and Franklin Avenues began. Foundation included, the cost would be $4,600. Final services were held September 15, 1901, and moving was completed by November of that year.

To help balance the church budget, the Women of Saint Paul’s published a parish cookbook in 1901. It contained advertisements, recipes, and household hints. It also included instructions for cooking for invalids, recipes for wine, and fish and seafood. In the advertising section, stores such as Mooney & Dasset announced the sale of meats and game, and the Ginter Grocery Company offered the best mocha and java coffee for .20 cents a pound. Oolong tea was more expensive: $1.00 for 2.5 pounds. In 1980, the Women of Saint Paul’s published another cookbook. Watch for these two cookbooks to be displayed during coffee hour on April 12, which will feature cookie recipes from each volume! We look forward to trying them out with you.s