Goodwin Hall at Camp Lawton

The buildings at Camp Lawton:  As you enter Camp Lawton from the road, Goodwin Hall, the dining hall, is close to the road. There is a full kitchen and wash area, commercial stove, refrigerator and freezer. Storage for all equipment and dishes. A bedroom and bathroom are furnished for a cook during camp sessions (see my previous article for more on Camp Lawton.) The little building next to Goodwin was the Hen House. there was a small library where campers could relax and visit. On occasion someone had to sleep in there over night. Camp Lawton was very versatile in that it could make changes on short notice. There was a shed for the riding lawn mower and other tools necessary.

A large meadow separated tent row and the other buildings down by the lake. Most outdoor activities were held in the meadow such as baseball and other competitive sports. There was a tennis court in one corner by Pyke Hall. Pyke Hall was one of the first buildings constructed.It was a memorial to Ralph Pyke, the first choirmaster and first camp director when Camp Lawton opened. The Women of the church raised the $1,900 for this building. Pyke Hall had a large stone fireplace on one end. It housed many activities. Campers put on plays, played games, did crafts and was a place to go when it rained. A small room kept game equipment and other items. Over the winter tents were hung from the rafters as storage and to dry out. Cots, mattresses and items that needed to be inside were stored in Pyke Hall.
The boat house was built as a memorial to Hal S. Woodruff, organist/choir director during 1916 – 1923. The boat house had storage for the fleet of small sail boats, canoes and rowboats on the lake level. The second floor had arts and crafts. A small room housed the Waterfront director. The law required a licensed life guard be present at all camp activities. An earlier Sauna was destroyed by fire. A new Sauna was built in the 1970’s with funds from Robert Gile, Jr. as a memorial to his father, Robert Gile, Sr. Robert, Sr. was a choir boy in the 1910-20 era, former treasurer of the camp and active in raising funds to buy the camp.He donated many of the aluminum boats and sailboats. All volunteer labor constructed the Sauna under the direction of Bill Nightingale. You may remember some of the crew: Dr. Ken Osterberg, Chris Ries, Scott Garoutte, Sr., Duff Johnston, Perry Smith and Win Trumbull. And a number of sideline carpenters. Perry Smith was City Engineer and obtained a stove for the Sauna.
A small building had the bathrooms. It was called the KYBO (keep your bowls open).  Because it was old and plumbing needed updating a new building was constructed with more stalls, urinals and showers. It was all cement block and modern plumbing. Goodwin Hall and the KYBO  had the only running water. Water needed in other areas had to be carried just like in the olden days.
…to be continued
Contributed by Rose Nightingale

REOPENING of Saint Paul's Church 27 June at 10:00am - click for details

Dear Saint Paul’s faith community members and friends,

God’s peace be with you! Rejoice! Rejoice! Given the decrease in COVID-19 cases in Minnesota and the increase in the number of people who have been vaccinated, we are excited to announce the re- opening of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church building on Lake of the Isles on Sunday, 27 June at 10:00AM. We will have a beautiful and joyful worship with Eucharist, and coffee hour to follow. For those of you who are unable to come to the church building, a live Zoom stream will be available. Look for the Zoom link in the E-pistle.

Saint Paul’s COVID-19 Response Team Members (Mark Anderson, Steve Riendl, Angie Paulson, Jacob Manier, Rev. Janet MacNally, and Rev. Ramona Scarpace) have put together guidelines for worshiping together in-person. These guidelines are based on information from the Centers for Disease Control, the Minnesota Department of Health, and the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. The team asks that, in the spirit of loving God and neighbor, everyone follow the guidelines as listed below. If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, please contact Junior Warden and COVID Response Team Chair Steve Riendl at


  • No pre-registration for worship is required

Your Health

  • If you aren’t feeling well for any reason, please take care of yourself at home. You may join the service via Zoom.
  • If you have any personal health questions or concerns about attending in-person worship services, please speak with your medical provider.

Creating a Welcoming and Safer Environment

  • Greeters and ushers will be on-hand to assist you with seating, service bulletins, questions
  • The church and restrooms will be cleaned before and after each Sunday worship service
  • Hand sanitizer and masks will be available
  • All books will be removed from the pews. Worship bulletins will be available in paper and electronic format.

Masks and Social Distancing

  • If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask or socially distance. You may wear a mask and socially distance for your own comfort level.
  • If you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask and socially distance.
  • If someone is wearing a mask, please keep socially distant from them.


  • Saint Paul’s Church seats approximately 250 people. Given our regular Sunday attendance numbers, there is plenty of room to spread out.
  • We recommend that family groups sit together.
  • Fully vaccinated people may sit with other fully vaccinated people.
  • If someone is wearing a mask, please socially distance from them when selecting a seat


  • Congregational singing is permitted.

The Peace

  • Please remain in your seats for the Peace. Use a wave, a nod, a smile, etc.

The Eucharist

  • Clergy and those assisting at the altar will sanitize their hands in view of the congregation.
  • Communion will be of bread only. We will use gluten-free wafers for all. Receive the bread in your hands.
  • The common cup of wine will not be used at this time.
  • You may receive at the altar rail kneeling or standing. If you are unable to or do not wish to come up to the altar rail, please notify an usher, and the bread will be brought to you.
  • Note: Rev. Ramona, and Rev. Janet are fully vaccinated.

Coffee Hour

  • To be held at the back of the church
  • Coffee and lemonade only, served in disposable cups
  • A limited number of people will set up refreshments and pour
  • No foods at this time


  • The nursery will be available and staffed.
  • The nursery will be cleaned before and after each Sunday.
  • Parents must give contact information (name and phone number)

COVID-19 Tracing

  • If Saint Paul’s becomes aware of a situation where someone who attended the service receives information that they have contacted COVID, Saint Paul’s will notify people of the occurrence via the E-pistle.

We give thanks for the gift of coming together in-person to worship God, the Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer of life. We give thanks for all who worked so diligently to create and distribute vaccines. We give thanks for those who put themselves at risk to keep others safe. We remember those who have died and hold their families in our prayers.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, 27 June!

Mark Anderson, Senior Warden
Steve Riendl, Junior Warden
Rev. Ramona Scarpace, Priest-in-Charge


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