Outreach at Saint Paul’s Church on Lake of the Isles

St. Paul’s is committed to doing God’s work in the world, outside of our own parish walls. The Outreach Commission is currently supporting the following opportunities, some ongoing, some recurring scheduled events. All are welcome to take part: parishioners, friends, visitors.

  • Leisure Time Parties

    Since 1975, Saint Paul’s Church has worked with the Neighborhood Involvement Project (now Senior Community Services,) providing a social afternoon for older and/or disabled adults.
    Saint Paul’s offers two outings per year, on a rotating basis and in partnership with other neighborhood churches. We provide a yummy dessert, entertainment, and the ever-popular bingo with prizes.  Social interaction between the women of our church and our guests lets us know each other as neighbors.
    Please contact Shirley Holt or any of the other women named above, if you wish to be part of this fun and worthwhile Outreach opportunity.
    Committee: Jean Brooks, Gloria Busbey, Shirley Holt, Laurie Larsen, Rose Nightingale, JoAnne Tierney - Learn More about Senior Community Services

  • Quarterly Events

    The Outreach Commission also schedules an event each quarter to afford one more opportunity for us to help others. These events may, or may not be related to one of the aforementioned outreach efforts.

We look forward to having you join us in living the commandment to love our neighbors. For the most up-to-date information, check the E-pistle, the Messenger, the Parish Calendar, or ask any Outreach Commission member.