The wardens and Vestry of Saint Paul’s are happy to announce that the Rev. Lydia Huttar Brown is currently serving as our transitional priest. Here is Lydia’s letter of introduction to the parish. 

Rev Lydia Huttar Brown

Dear Members of Saint Paul’s,

What a joy it is to be chosen as your Transition Priest, beginning January 4! I look forward to journeying with you through your time of transition, as you become clear on future direction, and prepare to call a new rector. This letter is by way of introduction, to let you know a little bit about me as we get started.

I am the oldest of the seven children of a college professor and a church organist. My mother, the organist, died this past summer. My dad still lives in the house we moved to in Holland, Michigan, when I was 12 years old. My siblings are scattered around Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. One of my sisters is also an Episcopal priest.

At Hope College (Holland, Michigan) I majored in German, then got a Masters of Linguistics from the University of Michigan. I taught English as a Second Language for several years, and eventually found a new career as a Director of Christian Education. Over the course of 13 years, before starting seminary, I served several different churches in Michigan and Minnesota.

I am married to Mark Brown, who is a scientist with Medtronic. We have four sons who are all married, and who together have given us seven grandchildren, ages 20 months to 7 years. Two events involving my children are important defining moments of my life. The first is that we actually had five sons. The one who would be in the middle died in 1985, when he was almost two years old, in a drowning accident. At the time he was the youngest, and we went on to have two more children. The tragedy of his death broke my heart open to hear God’s call to ordination. The second important event was in 2003, when my second oldest son nearly died while he was a student in Belize. He survived, and, over the course of several years, healed from traumatic brain injury. Because of the miracle of survival in Belize, Mark and I have remained connected with the country and friends we made there. We have established a non-profit organization, BRIDGEs in Belize, and we have led five groups to work in schools in various parts of Belize.

I was ordained in 2001, and have served three congregations in the ECMN. I am passionate about outreach, liturgy, preaching, and teaching. In the next several months I will be listening to what you are passionate about, and where you see the Spirit at work at Saint Paul’s and the neighborhood. I look forward to journeying with you.” – Blessings,Lydia +

During our time together, Lydia will help us to celebrate those things about which we are passionate, as well as identifying areas for improvement and growth as we anticipate extending a Call to our new Rector. Together, we will pray, watch, and listen for the work of the Spirit within our walls, and in the world around us.