E-pistle for Friday 3 October 2017

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This Sunday at Saint Paul’s:

We will celebrate the Feast of All Saints with the baptism of Henry Michael Amundson, son of Cait and Aaron Amundson. You are also invited to display photographs of departed loved ones and/or objects of significance in the Chapel on our Altar of Remembrance. Items may be collected following the 6pm Evensong, or any time in the coming week.

Joyce Uptown Food Shelf receives Saint Paul’s weekly donations. November’s theme is PERSONAL HYGIENE (e.g. dental products, deodorant, and disposable razors are especially needed), but other items are always welcome. Please bring items to church as part of your weekly offering and place them in the baskets at the Narthex doors. Let’s start filling both baskets again!

Thank you to the Vestry for hosting this week’s coffee hour; next week, the Ministers in Liturgy.

Our offering of the Angelus and Evensong continues this week in the Chapel at 6pm. Please consider joining us for this reflective service, the sung form of Evening Prayer.

Choir Diary

  • Voluntary: Komm, süßer Tod (J.S. Bach/Virgil Fox)
  • Psalm: Psalm 34 (William Crotch)
  • Anthem: In memoria aeterna (Antonio Vivaldi) Voluntary:
  • Toccata from Suite Gothique (Léon Boëllmann)

Prayer Calendar:

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Church in Toungoo (Myanmar).

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Minnesota Commission on Indian Work (MCIW), and for the Hispanic, Hmong, Liberian, Karen, and numerous multi-cultural ministries and faith communities throughout the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. We also pray for the parishes of All Saints (Minneapolis, Northfield).

On our Parish Prayer List, we pray for Alex, Bea, Bob, Gary and Sue, Harvey, Jimmy and Kim, Joan, John, Krista, Mary, Nancy, Natalia, Penny, Richard, Rita, Shirley, Steven, Sue, Susan, Thomas, and the Coopergard, Guaman, Marracq, Paulson, and Raddatz families. We also pray for the repose of the souls of Weldon Chandler, father of Julie L’Enfant; Ruth Rademacher, dear friend of Ellen Dresselhuis; and Dorothea Therneau, mother of Tracy Guaman. May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

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Think about what makes Saint Paul's a valuable part of your life. At the Consecration Sunday Brunch, you'll find blank cards and a collection envelope. You're invited to share three words that describe what Saint Paul's has to offer. Look for our updated cloud on The Feast of All Saints!

Quick Calendar Items:

11 Nov 11am-1pm - Fall Cleanup Day
15 Nov 7pm - Celebration of New Ministry
23 Nov 10am - Thanksgiving Day liturgy
24 Nov 6pm - Shabbat to End Homelessness (Temple Israel)
26 Nov 10am - The Feast of Christ the King
3 Dec 10am - Advent I
8 Dec 7pm - Lessons & Carols

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Upcoming Events and General Announcements:

Gather your rakes and pruners: Mark next Saturday, 11 November, on your calendar for our annual Fall Cleanup Day. Join us from 11:00 am-1:00 pm, and help ready the gardens, church, and house for the upcoming festive season!

A Shabbat to End Homelessness will be held at Temple Israel (2323 Fremont Ave S) on Friday 24 November at 6:00 pm. This special Thanksgiving weekend service will feature music and personal testimonies, as well as education on the ongoing need for affordable housing in and around the Twin Cities. Attendees will receive food/hygiene kits to give to those who are experiencing homelessness as an act of compassion.

No experience required!Would you and your family group like to participate in lighting the Advent wreath at a Sunday liturgy in the upcoming season? Drop Father Marcus a line. Drop Father Marcus a line.

The Children’s Chapel needs you! Do you feel called to help lead this new program once a month? Read the details here.

A call for confirmands: The time has come for Saint Paul’s to consider Youth Confirmation for some of our younger parishioners. If you have questions, please e-mail the Rector. 

If you need to be in touch with parish staff, please use [first name]@stpaulsmpls.org (Marcus, Brad, Barbara, or Jacob). Previous e-mail addresses (rector@, finance@, etc.) do not work. Please delete old e-mail addresses from your address books and utilize the new accounts; the only exception is info@stpaulsmpls.org.

Help spread our digital footprint: Social media is an awesome tool for Evangelism, and we would like your help in reaching our full potential. “Like” us on Facebook (Saint Paul’s Church on Lake of the Isles – Minneapolis) and rate/review us. Let us know what you like about being a part of Saint Paul’s; who knows, your words might resonate with someone looking for a church to call home. The same is true for Google. Did you know the majority of people visiting Saint Paul’s are finding us by googling us online? If you have a Google account, you can become an e-vangelist by Ggogling us and then rating and reviewing us. Your words of welcome might convince someone to visit.

An invitation from Father Marcus:
I want to set aside intentional time each week for us to get to know one another. My office door (which is open most of the time anyway) will be open from 1:00-4:00pm for you to stop in, say hi, ask for prayer, or just to hang out. If you want to bring lunch, we can share! No agenda at all. I just want to facilitate the building of relationships. I hope you’ll come see me. If you can’t come in person, you can call the church (612-377-1273) and we can chat.

Help beautify our sanctuary for worship

Give altar flowers to mark important occasions or significant events in your life. Write us a note or email, telling us your name, the date you wish to give flowers, and your desired dedication. Checks should be made out to Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, with “altar flowers” in the memo; suggested donation is $50.

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A Note from the Senior Warden:

To everything, turn, turn, turn,
There is a season, turn, turn, turn

This is what our building thermostats are singing these days. Seasonal transitions are very difficult especially for an old building like we have at St. Paul’s. These seasonal transitions bring days that are so unpredictable. One day it is 70 degrees and sunny, and the next the frost is on the pumpkin. Our older systems are just not designed to be able to switch back and forth easily. We do our best to time when we move from cooling to heating, and once completed we must stay. That means we could have several weeks when temperatures may be uncomfortable. We ask for your patience and suggest you consider wearing layers that would allow you to adjust to any uncomfortable temperature swings.

Thank you,
Beth Carlson

ah, Road Construction

You may have noticed the preparations on I-35W south of downtown Minneapolis. This lengthy project may complicate your journey to and from church, but this site can help you be ready. Just think of it as a chance to model Christian love to our fellow drivers – patience is a virtue, after all! Earn your advanced zipper merge merit badge today! 😉 View Current Road Construction Updates