Greetings, Saint Paulites and Friends!

I hope this finds you and your family well and enjoying the beautiful summer weather we’re currently having. I wanted to take a moment and share some quick information about our E-pistles and Zoom:

We embed a lot of data and links into each weekly issue of the E-pistle. Our distribution host, MailChimp, has a data threshold for instant viewing when you open your email; the remainder is hidden but can be accessed with one easy step… If you look immediately above the blue banner at the top of the E-pistle, you’ll see a verse from this Sunday’s lectionary readings on the left; opposite the verse is a link which reads “View this in your browser”. (This week I’ve also highlighted the link in yellow.) If you click on that little link, the E-pistle will open in its full and complete scrollable glory in a separate tab on your browser! Hint: you’ll know you are seeing the full document when there is a blue banner at the top, a wider left column, a narrower right sidebar, and church info at the bottom.  We also do our best to post the full E-pistle to our website each weekend.

And now on to Zoom. We are offering our usual Sunday morning Eucharist as well as Wednesday evening Sung Compline each and every week. The Zoom sign-on information for every service we share is the same, both Meeting ID and Password (find these under This Week at Saint Paul’s in the E-pistle). You can write these down or copy/paste/save on any device. When you log onto Zoom, you always have the freedom of choice to use your device’s camera or not; we love to see you in this time of separation, but understand that some days you may not want to get “church-ready”. And if computers are not your thing, you can call in from a mobile or landline phone and hear any liturgy, as well as participate in the Coffee Hour following Sunday Eucharist.

If you have any questions or problems navigating our communication tools, please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to seeing you online (and eventually in person!), Angie Paulson