The New Building

Saint Paul's ChurchHistory

To continue, the building was cut into five sections and removed piecemeal to the new location. The contractor, F. W. Pratt, mover, and Barclay Cooper, Builder, did an artistic piece of patchwork as it was almost impossible to detect the joints. A large basement was gained. The task seemed impossible owing to the grading, car tracks and trunk line wires encountered. But the move was made without serious difficulty. As usual costs of moving and … Read More

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Lowry Hill

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Though no action had been taken for over two years, in 1899 the vestries of Saint Mark’s (still on 6th Street, and not yet a Cathedral Church) and Saint Paul’s had meetings about consolidation. Saint Paul’s refused, having decided to relocate. Saint Mark’s offered consolidation a second time, but Saint Paul’s vestry had committed to the move. A committee was appointed to dispose of the church and acquire lots in the Lowry Hill area. A … Read More

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Easter Week

Saint Paul's ChurchEvents

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